A crucial element to think about when purchasing a new garage door is the material of the door you wish to integrate into your home. The most common materials we are aware of is wood, aluminium and steel but did you know that fibreglass can also be a firm favourite. Fibreglass is far less commonly used and has decreased in popularity over the years however this material does offer unique properties based on environmental preferences. Consider fibreglass door options if it sparks your interest and caters to your style aesthetics. If you are seeking the fibreglass door route, perhaps the advantages and disadvantages below will assist in making the right choice for you.

The benefits of opting for fibreglass garage doors:

  • Fibreglass is a relatively affordable material option and is typically inexpensive in comparison to wood and steel depending on the type of door you require. Aluminium and fibreglass are generally within a similar price range, however the latter provides better insulation. The insulating layers are situated between the fibreglass shells, providing a much higher insulation value.
  • Due to the light weight nature of the material, minimal strain is placed of the lifting parts of the garage door. This quality is extremely beneficial for manual doors which require physical lifting. Steel is often used to form the core of the door as it provides the strength, structure and durability needed while not adding too much weight to the door.
  • If you are living sea side or in close proximity to the ocean, fibreglass doors would be advantageous as they do not corrode. Although beach front houses and apartments are associated with luxury living and lifestyle, it does come with additional expenses. The moisture causes wooden doors, window panes and garage doors to warp and rot much faster than it would compared to homes situated inland. With regards to maintenance, fibreglass is very low maintenance and one would not need to invest a lot of money or time in its upkeep.
  • The semi- transparent nature of fibreglass garage door allows for more light to enter your garage if it is naturally darker space. if the additional lighting isn’t to your liking then you can always use a dark shade of paint to limit the natural light. The malleable property of fibreglass allows it to take on various designs and colours. Property owners are even able to give their garage doors a more classic look by adding a faux wood finish.

The drawbacks of fibreglass garage doors:

  • Fibreglass is susceptible to damage in areas that experience high speed winds. The noise which might occur due to the wind hitting against the door can be an irritation to neighbours. The material is light in nature which can cause it to easily get dented and damaged in adverse weather. Fibreglass is prone to cracking as it ages and is therefore at greater risk in particularly colder regions.
  • The colour of the garage door can take on a yellow hue over time and exposure to sunlight for long periods can speed up the process. Adding a fresh coat of paint to hide the discolouration will only serve as a temporary solution. New formulations have greatly reduced the problem.
  • Fibreglass is much more brittle in comparison to materials such as steel and wood. Unforeseen circumstances such bumping into the door with your vehicle or intruders trying to break in, can cause serious irreversible damage to the door. If a fibreglass door is damage or dented, it unfortunately cannot be repaired and would have to be replaced.
  • As mentioned above, fibreglass has a semi-transparent nature. This could potentially lead to poor insulation. One would have to invest in additional materials in an effort to increase the insulation value. Fibreglass is better suited for warmer areas as it reduces breakage due to brittleness and it allows the heat to escape out of the garage.

The installation of fibreglass doors:

The light weight nature of the material makes fibreglass easier to install but delicate at the same time. Composite fibreglass doors are more popular today as they are stronger and far less prone to cracking. While fibreglass has ample advantages, it is vital that you take all the pros and cons into consideration before making a final decision. Refer to the list above and determine whether the fibreglass option is best suited for you, your family and lifestyle needs.

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