We often take a lot of expensive measures into ensuring and enhancing the safety and security of our residential properties to avoid the risk of intruders and damage to property. Did you know that you could apply the same security measures to your commercial establishment as well? Your commercial property is equally as important as your home. It holds a lot of value, stock and most often, your lifetime of hard work and perseverance. A roller shutter door is the most popular choice when it comes to securing property whilst offering a high visual aesthetic.

Traditional roller shutter doors are made up of horizontal slats. The panels and bars are hinged together. Such doors can be either automated or motorized. If automated, the door would require an individual to raise the door up from the ground or pull it toward the ground. This motion usually requires certain level of effort to open and close the door. A larger door would require maximum effort to handle which could possibly lead to injury. It is therefore wise to opt for the motorized roller shutter option. When in an open movement or state, the rolled up panels are held in box situated above the opening space. Aside from garage doors, roller shutters are frequently utilized in warehouses, shopping malls, banks and prisons. The roller shutter mechanism results in the gradual increase of commercial property productivity and security, all whilst providing easier access and lockup for business or property owners.

Security roller shutters are manufactured from either steel (galvanized), PVC material or aluminium. The choice of material is decided upon after taking the natural climate of the area and needs of the customer into consideration. All manufactured shutters are bendable in nature but have the properties to withstand against burglaries and tumultuous weather conditions. Much like other garage doors, roller shutter doors also have incredible properties, as its robust nature allows for a much longer lifespan. The shutter door must be perfectly and meticulously fitted preferably by a professional installer to ensure that it works as it should and provides maximum security. The measurements of length and breadth given to the manufacturer must be concise and accurate. Any discrepancy in the measurements can hinder the integrity of the door once installed. It is advised to have the space measured professionally as opposed to submitting your own dimensions, which could have human error. The best part of choosing roller shutters is the variety of colours it is available in. Having the option of colour allows you to successfully match the door to the rest of the surroundings or to your business branding colour. These doors are available in remote control options and can be incorporated into sophisticated commercial security control systems. The operational varieties available allow purchasers to choose an option which best suits his/her budget. People can have great security without having to break the bank.

Reasons as to why you should choose roller shutter doors:

  • An enhancement of safety is and will always be the most popular reason that individuals opt for this choice of door. The owners of commercial properties and new property developments will frequently resort to the installation of roller shutters.
  • The various styles and brands available allow people to boost the curb side appeal and reduce the noise factors of their property which in turn increases the value of it. Both visual appeal and security are determining factors in property evaluation.

Before committing to the purchase of shutter doors, it is important to consider the following tips:

  • As much as we love a good bargain, do not always settle for the lowest priced shutter door. It will be in your best interest to conduct proper research on the specifications of each product option and choose the one which will most effectively meet your personal needs and that of the property. The cheapest option might not necessarily offer the highest level of security. It will meet the short term need of installing a roller shutter, but it might not meet the need for a long lasting quality product. Purchase a roller shutter from a well-recognized brand which offers a warranty/guarantee. Xpanda is a popular brand which offers quality commercial roller shutters in the Durban area. Bypassing after sale service and quality for lower rates is not worth the sacrifice.
  • It is important to have colour, pattern and motorization options. If these qualities are important to you, it is best to not compromise on it to avoid being disappointed at a later point in time. Choosing an attractive pattern with a reliable fastening mechanism will offer increased sound insulation which is an important factor in the commercial industry.