After searching the internet for hours on end and finding the best supplier of garage doors, you would think that the difficult decision is made. Unfortunately your choices do not end there, you still have to settle on the type of door you would prefer.  Would it be sectional or roll-up? Interestingly this is the question that many purchasers are plagued with when it comes to making a selection. Making a purchase for your place of residence isn’t the same as buying a garage door for a commercial property, as the needs of a business owner and property is different to that of a homeowner. Function and style are often associated with residential properties whilst strength and durability are determining factors for commercial properties. Although some might consider both the abovementioned garage doors as interchangeable, there are differences between them that you might not know of such as differences in price, durability and installation. There is no straightforward better option as your selection does ultimately depend on your personal preferences and budget but perhaps the different qualities of both doors listed below will enlighten and assist you in making an informed decision.

To start off, it is important to know the immediate difference between the two doors. Steel sectional doors are built with panel sections which are fixed together and connected to a track. They are usually available in standard sizes and formed from light gauge metal. Ample space is needed to accommodate a horizontal track which is fixed to the garage ceiling and the door itself is mounted vertically to the garage wall. The door is one large piece which moves into place up over the floor. Retractable sectional units are available however their intricate design increases the risk of dealing with breakage and repairs. Steel roll-up doors are also referred to as overhead coiling doors and made up of slats sections or segments. Rolling doors have an easier operational mechanism which significantly reduces maintenance needed. Some coiling garage doors are said to be able to bear approximately one million open/ close sequences before needing maintenance.  Rolling steel doors are commonly manufactured for heavy duty and extreme applications, therefore it is frequently selected for commercial and industrial purposes. This particular type of door is durable, flexible and easier to customize if necessary.


The following properties of each door will help you in deciding which is most suitable for your needs:


  1. Required space: Steel sectional doors block/ cover a fair amount of the ceiling which reduces headroom. When the door is in operation overhead space is limited, this intron means that options are lighting, storage and air conditioning are limited/ restricted. The choice of rolling doors can eliminate the above restrictions as the door only utilizes a small portion of overhead space when in use.
  2. Safety & Security: Although both door types are considered to be secure, sectional doors have exposed springs and cables which are more likely to get damaged. A broken spring can shift the balance of the door and cause serious injuries. Roll- up doors have all components (shaft and springs) enclosed and have the additional advantage of stronger gauge steel with interlocking sections.
  3. Durability: Sectional doors typically float overhead and do not require any attachment or connection to the roof/ ceiling which makes them the sturdier of the two. In contrast, roll-ups are mounted to a wall and will have a lifespan as long as the structure to which it is installed in.
  4. Cost & Maintenance: The upfront cost of steel sectional doors is budget friendly as it costs much less than its direct competitor, however it will require more maintenance every few years due to the high number of moving parts which need to be lubricated on a regular basis. The mechanical components of sectional doors are often prone to corrosion/ rust and must be replaced at the first sign of wear and tear. Steel roll-up doors have a much higher manufacture and installation price tag but they do have more specific applications and would require minimal maintenance. This greatly reduces the lifetime cost of install roll-up doors.

Having knowledge about the available door options will help you determine whether a sectional or rolling door is better suited for your home or business premises. Whichever door you choose, it is important research all options and factor in the application purpose for the door. Do you require a heavy duty door for greater security or do you simply need an inexpensive door? Whatever it may be, here at Garage Door Supplies our experienced staff will assist and guide you in finding a garage door which will match your needs. Speak to one of our professionals before making your final decision!