Each and every day new houses are been designed and built, all of which include large garages which play a huge part in the lavish design and aesthetic. Many South Africans rely greatly on having a garage, as they want to keep their cars and other possessions out of sight from criminals and potential intruders. Deciding on type and the size of the garage is the easiest part of the design process, but when it comes down to selecting a garage door, this part of the process can be a little confusing for most people. It is important to make a savvy choice which allows you to get the most out of your budget. With so many styles and materials ranging from manual to automatic and aluminium to wood, it is completely understandable as to why one would be apprehensive in making a hasty decision. To make things a little easier for you, we have focussed on fibreglass doors and the points to consider before purchase.

If you are looking for a hardy and reliable door which requires the absolute minimal level of upkeep then opting for fiberglass is the best option for you. It is important to note that current garage doors are manufactured using a combination of materials. Therefore when we mention “fiberglass garage doors” it is simply referring to the material used for the external panels. The panels are however overlaid on either an aluminium or steel structural frame. When choosing fiberglass which is an extremely light and malleable material, you are essentially choosing a steel garage door with a fiberglass coating. With regards to durability and upkeep, choosing this such door is a good option. The steel foundation keeps it sturdy and the coating enhances its durability and prevents any nicks or denting when exposed to forceful weather or contact. If you reside in a coastal area which is prone to more temperamental rainy seasons and a higher concentration of salt particles in the air than it would make the most sense to opt for fiberglass. This material proves to be hardier in such regions and is completely rust proof.

Although it is not a typically insulating material with strong insulating properties, an additional layer of insulation can be added during installation. The doors can provide either higher or lower insulation values which are dependent on the type of insulation used. On matters of craftsmanship and appearance, fiberglass offers a clean and sleek appearance, with a wood grain look. Steel doors can provide the same outward faux wood appearance but due to the malleability and texture of fiberglass, these doors offer wood grain patterns which are almost indistinguishable from wood itself. So if you are looking for either a simple and sleek or rustic wood appearance, fiberglass is your best option. If you require a less than generic look and want to customize your garage door, there are ample customization options to choose from as this particular material is able to accommodate various window designs, panel designs and exterior hardware. It is however important to note that fiberglass doors are not available in a wide range of colours. It is available in pre-set colours and is difficult to repaint if you wish to do so. Due to the standard wood grain appearance any paint colour other than the colours it is available in would detract from the visual appeal of the door. It is suggested that a clear top coat be added annually or biannually to maintain the factory finish look.

With all the positives surrounding fiberglass options, it does not mean that it is completely impenetrable. They do require regular care and maintenance. Cleaning this door contributes to the material retaining its protective properties and all that is needed is simply warm water and vinegar. This solution will clean the door without causing any corroding or wear and tear to the coating. Be sure to remove any buildup, debris or fingerprints from the door panels. If your door is automated, it likely has a large number of moving parts which will need periodic attention to ensure that it functions at its optimum. Regularly check for build-up or if lubricant oil is needed. It is not uncommon for fiberglass doors to become out of balance over time. When conducting maintenance checks, be sure to balance the door. You can do so by opening the garage door and monitoring if there is any resistance or delayed movement on one of the sides, this would suggest that the door balance needs to be adjusted accordingly.

If you are looking for a practical option then look no further than fiberglass doors. These doors offer you a refreshed exterior look which will impress guests and prospective buyers in the future. Contact Garage Door Supplies today, if you are interested in the sleek look and quality fibre glass can provide.