Your garage is a central and important part of your house which is often used to store valuables such as gardening tools, gym equipment and of course our trusty motor vehicles. It is not uncommon for us to both accidentally and purposely leave the door which connects the garage to the rest of the house unlocked. It is considerably easy for thieves to break into your home via the garage door. Therefore, securing your garage door is the first step in securing your home. Be mindful to always lock your interleading door/s especially at night which is when most break-ins occur. 

Listed below are a few tips to follow and consider in order to enhance your security:

  1. First and foremost and most importantly, do remember to never leave your garage door open unless it is absolutely necessary and unavoidable. Leaving your garage door open and unattended will invite unwanted onlookers as they will have a clear view into your garage and its contents. It is human nature to be forgetful and sometimes not close the door behind you, but with break-ins and home invasions on the rise we need to take more precautions regarding our surroundings. If you find that you are in the habit of leaving of the garage door open and driving off, it will be wise for you to install a timer which will automatically close the door after a set period of time. Some modern home security systems are compatible with garage door systems that enable you activate and control your garage door even when you are not in close proximity or home.
  2. An old but trusty trick is to keep a low volume radio on in the garage especially when not home. Most home burglaries are opportunistic crimes which occur due to simple indicators that a house might be vulnerable and empty. In most cases a burglar will move on to a new potential target if they suspect that someone might be home. Leaving the radio on creates the illusion that someone is busy in the garage and this could potentially be a good enough deterrent to persuade the burglar to move on.
  3. If your garage door has window features, it will be in your best interest to invest in frosted glass or curtains. Preventing burglars from peaking into your garage will reduce the likelihood of a potential break-in as they will not be tempted. The less visible your belongings are the better therefore take the necessary precautions in securing your windows.
  4. Having adequate lighting should be a priority for all homeowners. It allows you to have a clear view of your garage and surrounding areas. The Installation of motion detecting lights would help significantly in deterring burglars as it would create the illusion of someone being home, vigilant and also alert the homeowner that someone might be present. The motion activated lighting should be situated near the garage door or driveway and would turn on when someone might be lurking too close. In addition to lighting, having a camera installed will give people the ability to monitor what is going on and make an informed decision about the action they would like to take.
  5. Homeowners believe that once they have closed their garage door, they have locked out any potential intruders, but there are ways that burglars might use to gain access. Most garage doors have a release situated on the inside of the door which is useful in the event of an emergency but some smart intruders have turned the important feature into a security risk. Securing the emergency release with cable ties will ensure that burglars are unable to activate the release from the outside using a wire. The use of cable ties means that the garage door can no longer be opened from the outside as there is no a vulnerable point in the garage mechanism. The cable ties can be easily removed from the inside when needed, causing no permanent damage to the door or operating mechanism.
  6. It is important to treat the door which leads from the garage to the house like you would any other exterior doors around the house. The door should always remain locked and be sure to connect it to your home security and alarm system as this will alert the appropriate authorities and security dispatchers in the unfortunate event of someone gaining access to your garage. To give you extra peace of mind and if it is well within your budget, you can install a security gate in front of your interleading door.