If you’re looking for a new door but are unsure of what option to go with, then you should probably consider roller shutter doors. Frequently used on a commercial or industrial scale at shop fronts and banks, you would be surprised to know that these doors can also have domestic purpose.  

What is a roller shutter door?

A roller shutter door is manufactured from either aluminium or steel and consists of numerous narrow horizontal slats which form a curtain. The slats close by rolling upwards around a shaft barrel which is supported by steel brackets. It operates in a smooth and functional manner without overhead tracks. Although it might take up more space as room for a barrel is needed, the door is cheaper and easier to repair. An aluminium roller shutter door offers insulation and a steel roller door consists of a single metal sheet. Like garage doors, buyers have the option of either manual or automatic operation. The doors are constructed in a manner which allows the curtain to smoothly roll up and down and the use of channel guides and locks prevent the curtain from moving sideways. The door is fitted by either welding or bolting the assembly to the actual building structure.

The benefits of roller shutter doors

Roller shutters are a practical solution for those who have a little less room. They require minimum space as they have rubber seals and no overhead track. A more significant space saving feature would be the vertical opening of roller shutters. This feature allows home owners to optimise on the length of their driveway, passage or garage. When utilized in a garage, the barrel opening mechanism allows individuals to park up close to the door itself without any obstructions. Roller shutter doors also offer the added benefit of being fitted in front, in between or behind the actual opening. This allows owners to assess which option would be convenient and offer a better visual appearance. The choice of manual or automatic operation allow buyers to stay within their budget as manually operated doors would be significantly cheaper than automatic doors however, still providing the same safety and security features.

Due to roller shutters fitted closely against existing doors or windows, it cannot be removed or pulled on without an excessive amount of effort, therefore providing an additional physical deterrent. Another benefit of roller shutters is that it provides protection against harsh weather conditions. There shutter curtain is able to withstand and brave the elements so you don’t have to be concerned about debris or heavy rains, wind or hail. Believe it or not, but roller shutters can provide insulation, preventing heat from either entering or leaving your home. Aside from regulating the temperature within your home they also are good insulators of sound, cutting out approximately 50% of outside noises. Roller shutters also allow you to have control over the amount of sunlight that enters your home. You can completely lower the shutters or leave them partially open, either way you have full control of your privacy and can shut out nosey neighbours.

The main security feature of roller shutters would be the guide locks and end locks used. The guide locks can be installed anywhere along either side of the door as opposed to just at the bottom. Such locks can be either a standard fitting on installation or added to an existing one. You would be pleased and relieved to know that guide locks cannot be disturbed by bolt cutters or similar mechanisms. End locks prevent shutters from jamming as they stop the lateral movement of slats and ensure seamless opening and closing of the door. With the use of end locks you can be rest assured that you will not need to use any greasing agents.

Roller shutter doors are manufactured to meet the client’s specific requirements. They are available in a variety of colours and finishes, with customisation options which allow you to choose the most well suited shutter door to complement your home. The manufacturing materials offer secure and reliable sealing upon closure, high durability and resistance against corrosion. Most importantly it is affordable to maintain and repair. With benefits of providing you and your loved ones with extra safety and security, why not choose roller shutter doors to secure your family home?