Fire Roller Shutter

Xpanda is a manufacture of Class  F & C Fire Shutters Doors whose design intentions is to close permanent openings in walls or partitions to provide fire resistance for a period of 30-120 minutes in order to stop the spread of fire and to limit the spread of smoke.  This type of door was tested at SABS & has satisfied the requirements of SABS 1253 for Class  F & C Fire door assemblies.  Xpanda is still to date manufacturing Fire Shutters according to the South African National standards specification, known as SANS 1253. The door can also be electrical automated:

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Fire Roller Shutter

  • CUSTOM MADE to best fit opening

  • Econo 500/750 indirect drive motor including battery back-up

  • Wall mount controller

  • Xpanda fire detection system including separate battery back-up

  • Electronic smoke and heat detector, with the option of installing a secondary detector further into the building.

  • Safety alarm that includes a “DOOR CLOSING” warning light with 30 second time delay to allow for evacuation.

  • Our system can be integrated into the building fire alarm system.


Material Specifications: Type 1 Class F: 30-minute rated fire resistant shutter Type 2 Class C: 120-minute rated fire resistant shutter
Curtain 75 x 1 mm steel galvanized slats 75 x 1.2 mm steel galvanized slats
Guides Galvanized steel 76 x 38 x 2.5 mm Galvanized steel 76 x 3 x 2.5 mm
Barrel 4” (114 mm OD x 4 mm wall thickness) 4” (114 mm OD x 4 mm wall thickness)
Canopy 1.0 mm galvanized steel 1.0 mm galvanized steel
Motor box 1.0 mm galvanized steel 1.0 mm galvanized steel
T-Bar 50 x 50 x 5 mm steel angle 50 x 50 x 5 mm steel angle
Maximum tested
furnace temperature
810°C 1050°C

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