Be the envy of your neighbourhood with the Xpanda AluStyle Protecting your home and business! The Xpanda AluStyle™ slimline aluminium roller shutter door, aluminium garage door or aluminium roll-up doors are more than just a crime barrier, it also protects against weather, light, and noise, truly blocking out the world.

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  • CUSTOM MADE to best-fit opening

  • Energy-saving from reduced heating and air conditioning

  • Our Alustyle aluminium roller shutters are smooth, quiet and easy to operate.
  • We can retrofit the AluStyle to almost any opening such as garage door openings, passageways, warehouse, factories and shop storefronts.
  • Control options: electronically automated, belt drive & crank handle.
  • AluStyle slimline aluminium roller shutters provide a neat, compact solution for both commercial and residential properties.

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